Angled Standing Seam

Angled Standing Seam

The angled standing seam is the standard traditional solution for facades. This system is characterised by its strong emphasis on the seams (25 mm deep and approx. 12 mm wide). The flat tray with protruding seams gives direction to the cladding and the orientation of the seams (horizontal, vertical or diagonal orientations) is therefore an important consideration for the architect. The shadows the seams cast in sunny weather are clearly visible on the facade.

The tray lengths are normally limited to 3 to maximum 4 Meters and a tray width of 430 mm, supplied in gauges between 0.7 and 0.8 mm. The transversal joint is a single lock cross welt. A unique characteristic of light gauge metal facades is the subtle quilting that can appear naturally under different light conditions, bringing a bit of visual vibration and energy to the building.

The trays are rollformed or bent and fixed with concealed stainless steel clips onto the supporting substructure. The seams are closed by hand with a seam closer.

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